Save Money

e-Auctions & RFQ

Save upto 40% on your addressable spends by creating a competitive environment amongst your suppliers for your requirements

Easy to Implement & Use
Secure & Scalable
Smart and powerful summarization
Reports & Excel Downloads
Multi-currency & Multi-timezone support
Be Smart

Project Procurement & Auto Procurement

Direct procurement in some sectors like manufacturing, infrastructure etc. see procurements as per projects. Identex gives expense visibility and management capabilities to your project procurements.

Product manufacturing as well as Indirect procurements have various use cases where there is repetitive requirements of certain goods. Identex adapts to your existing pipelines and never lets your inventories dry.


Spend Analysis

Analyze your spends across various distinct metrics (projects, lots, products, suppliers, monthly etc). Giving you the complete visibility of your variable expenses.

ERP Integrations
Reports & Excel Downloads
Custom metrics
Take Advantage

Contract Management

Never miss on your contract expiry as well as get complete visibility of your contract utilization. Identex gives you necessary alerts 2 months before your contracts are about to expire, giving you sufficient time to negotiate again.

Be in control

Supplier Management

Get complete control and visibility over your suppliers. Once on-boarded suppliers can be invited to your Auctions and RFQs without any hassle.